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“Since its founding in 1981, the Tubman Museum has pursued its mission through the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of works of art and historical artifacts related to the broad sweep of African American history and culture.”


1401815_10151946462813349_1574841600_oOur signature piece comes to us by way of acrylic and oil. With this mural you can voyage From Africa to America, no passport needed.
Measuring 68 inches tall and 55 feet long , our mural travels through time exploring the feats of African Americans from past to present.

Inventors Gallery


Dive into the mind of brilliant African Americans in our Inventors Gallery. While many may be familiar with prominent figures such as Madam C.J. Walker and George Washington Carver, this exhibit spotlights select individuals and inventions that may not have been recognized otherwise.

Local History


The roots of the Tubman exhibits go as deep as our own home in Macon. Our Local History and Georgia Artists exhibits display significant artifacts from Macon and Georgia history; including materials associated with the lives of such prominent 19th and 20th century African Americans as Ellen and William Craft, Jefferson Franklin Long and Sergeant Rodney M. Davis as well as artwork from local artists.

Folk Art  








Black Artists of Georgia


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