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Art by Leonard Moore

August 27 – September 10, 2021

Leonard Moore is a native of New York, where he attended Our Savior Lutheran School. He was always interested in art, and in his youth, he sought to make paintings and drawings that inspired others to aspire and achieve great things. Moore’s artistic interests eventually led him to Macon, Georgia where he created the works currently on exhibit at the Tubman.

A self-taught artist, Leonard Moore assembles his works using seashells collected form beaches in Florida and New York, combined with other media. Moore had the following to say about these recent works:

“I have been involved in the arts for many years. The Covid – 19 Pandemic forced me and many other people to spend a lot of time indoors. In order to keep my spirit calm, I decided to start making art that would fill my days and allow me to express myself. Whenever I go to the beach in Florida and New York I collect seashells, and over the years, my collection has grown quite large. Now I use the shells to create colorful assemblages that represent the movement, beauty and comfort of the oceans and seas.”

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