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For Your Summer CampJoin us at the Tubman Museum every Wednesday in June and July 2017 for a family-friendly Nyansapo “Wisdom” Wednesday experience in African American art, history and culture!

Nyansapo” is an Adinkra symbol that means “wisdom.”

A wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal. Being wise implies broad knowledge, learning and experience, and the ability to apply such faculties to practical ends.

Take part in elements of African American history and culture with quilting, drumming, story time and more at the Tubman Museum during the Nyansapo “Wisdom” Wednesday sessions at 1:00 -2:00 p.m.

The following sessions are being offered.

  •           • Story Time — Featuring fun and engaging stories for the kids. (June 7 and July 5)
  •           • Community Drumming — Learn different techniques, styles, and rhythms of African Drumming with Brother Kwame. (June 14)
  •           • Quilting — Observe the art of quilting taught by textile artist, Wini McQueen, who teaches how to create your own quilt. (June 21)
  •           • Riding the Underground Railroad — Hear the stories of people who helped thousands of enslaved people to freedom. (June 28)
  •           • Kids Yoga — Learn different Yoga techniques, while having fun. (July 12)
  •           • Symbols and Messages — Discover the art of storytelling methods that require the use of NO words. (July 19)
  •           • Adinkra Stamping — Wini McQueen teaches the art of Adinkra Stamps. (July 26)

Reservations are not required, but are encouraged, and dates and time may change. Regular museum admission rates apply!

Contact Trenda Byrd (478.845.3814 or tbyrd@tubmanmuseum.com) or Tonja Khabir (478.238.0898 or tkhabir@tubmanmuseum.com) to reserve your spot or to obtain more information.

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