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Georgia Gives Day 

Georgia Gives Day is November 13th, and is an online effort for people to select their favorite nonprofits and make a simple donation, quickly and safely. The Tubman Museum is excited to be a part of this day of online giving. However, you can donate to the Tubman from this online site all year long!

When the economy took a nose dive back in 2008, businesses all over the nation felt the impact. Macon was no exception. From financial institutions to mom & pop stores and everywhere else in between, the ability to conduct business at “all systems go” was quickly taking a few hard hits on the bottom line. One of the hardest hit areas were within the arts community. The Tubman African American Museum began noticing the number of schools and community groups booking tours were diminishing at a faster pace. In many surrounding counties, budgets had almost completely eliminated arts education and field trips, two key factors that affect both academic excellence and economic impact for many of our cultural institutions. In Bibb County alone, over 42.5 million dollars were cut in eight years.

For economically disadvantaged students, school is oftentimes the only realm in which they are likely to be exposed to art education and specifically, African American studies. Over 75% of Bibb County students fall into the low income category. The Tubman saw this not so much as a determent, but an opportunity to make a strong impact on the lives of these children, and put Macon on the map nationally. What we were able to uncover was what numerous studies have confirmed: arts education allows children to express themselves creatively, increases their self-confidence, and improves overall academic excellence.

Even within the limits and space constrictions of the Tubman’s current museum, they are addressing the most serious issues within the educational system facing both Georgia and the nation. Uniquely positioned as both accessible and acceptable, the museum serves as a safe and non-threatening method of delivering needed information and instruction on a myriad of topics to a critical segment of the population. Some of the tactics involve:
• Heritage Camp (Summer Educational Camp)
• John Oliver Killens Workshops
• Outreach Teachers
• Distance Learning
• After School Instruction
• Onsite Saturday workshops

The Tubman African American Museum’s mission is to educate through art, history and culture and promote harmony among the races. Donations to the museum and events like Georgia Gives Day increases awareness about the many diverse traditions of the community. By enriching people’s knowledge through art, dance, food and music, the Tubman Museum will be successful in educating the community through partnerships. Together, The Tubman Museum and the community can truly have an impact in the region, bridging the cultural divide in a fun and educational environment.


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