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Zipporah Long is an ambitious and creative person. Zipporah’s interest in painting arose in 2020 when she took part in the virtual Upward Bound program offered by Mercer University. At first, she copied works by other artists, but over time she began to create original works of her own. Zipporah’s art is an expression of the unique and vibrant aspects of her personality, as well as her pride in her own African American heritage. Through her art she strives to be an advocate for African American leaders, and for success throughout the black community. Her future includes opening her own business doing commissioned art at affordable prices; a business she hopes will eventually branch out to serve an international audience.

Recently Zipporah’s work caught the eye of Harold Young, the Executive Director of the Tubman Museum, and as a result the 16-year-old beginning artist was given the opportunity to show some of her recent paintings in the video theater at the Tubman Museum from Friday, July 30th through August 6th, 2021. Zipporah Long is pleased to present her art, and hopes that experiencing her paintings will bring viewers some of the same joy she feels while making them.

A preview of Ms. Long’s exhibition will open on July 30th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Free for members and non-members.

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