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What does the Tubman Museum do outside of showcase fantastic art and throw amazing cultural events?

donate-now-2With your help, the Tubman is able to offer programs and services throughout our community. Our biggest piece – Education and Outreach programs. Our Education department has served hundreds of children through our Jonathon Oliver Killens Workshop. These are a series of free student workshops designed to improve comprehension and test score in math & reading for at-risk third and fifth-grade students. The workshops utilize the museum exhibits, collections, special events, off-site activities and creative arts and writing exercises to engage and instruct students in the core subjects.

Our Outreach Teacher program is a way we are able to bring the museum to the classroom. For a fee, students in Central Georgia will receive at minimum of two-hours of instruction from a local artist/expert.

donate-now-3Our newest product is our Distance Learning program. With severe cutbacks in school systems, field trips are difficult to schedule. Our education staff recognized a need and came up with a way to bring the museum to the schools by using the latest in technology. Through generous donations, we now have a film studio that can record our specialized programs and deliver a cost-effective experience to individual classrooms.

Finally, our Heritage Camp is the perfect wrap to a program year! Children between the ages of 7-12 participate in at least one-week sessions at the Tubman. The camp features arts and crafts, African American history activities and local tours, as well as special African American Heritage tour to Atlanta. Hundreds of children have experienced our camp, and we look forward to expanding our program in the near future.

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